Why use Idea- & Innovation management?

It only needs one good idea in order to sustainably positive influence a company.

Try and use the knowledge already possessed by your employees, partners and customers as an intelligence source in order to gain the following:

Process optimization,
Cost reductions,
Continuous improvements in all aspects,
Sharing of best practice.

Products from Qmarket's – Market leader with good references!

What offers Qmarkets?

Qmarkets software for collective intelligence

Revolution for the decision making process of management by use of collective intelligence of employees, business partners and customers supported by digital plattform of idea and innovation management.

Develop ideas with Qmarkets

The flexible and varied Idea Management Platform from Qmarkets helps you to receive the maximum output, from your existing innovation potential, in order to improve processes and reduce costs.


Our platform enables a variety of stakeholders to submit innovative ideas into your company as well as provides you with the technology to control the complete life cycle of an idea all the way to the implementation from the start.

Qmarkets gives you the possibility of a well thought through and promising suggestion scheme, including continuous communication with employees, Partners as well as customers. It is a flexible management tool, with integrated prices, as well as intelligent customer driven evaluation processes.

The solution that is offered by Qmarket's makes sure, that the ideas of the employees, partners and  customers are being directed towards the right decision makers to be create value for your Company.

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Crowdsourcing Innovation for Performance Excellence Results

It’s no secret that many organizations utilize the principle of operational excellence to sustainably generate business results, however the vast majority of these companies fail to utilize their most valuable asset; their employees... [PDF]


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Collecting ideas is not enough!

The ideas must be checked, filtered and managed. They need a software which understands how to support the evaluation process. The prices and benefits for the employees must be calculated. To make the right decisions, the right people must be included in the evaluation process. You need tools to analyze the results created and calculate important KPI's to make them measurable.

Another advantage

A modern idea management process enhances motivation of employees and increase loyalty with partners and customers.