Digital Finance Consulting

Finance must become digital!

The digitalization of the business world has changed existing industries drastically and created new branches of business. Digital technologies have changed the relationships between customers, suppliers and partners. Now they are changing the whole company structure including business processes such as performance management and the way data is being collected, communicated and used to enhance the company's value.

Definition of a Digital Road-Map

Within a digitalization strategy, it is imperative to define a digital roadmap. The Digital Finance roadmap should be adapted to the overall digital strategy of the company. We support CFO's and Heads of Finance & Controlling with their digital transformation.

  • Fast Close
  • Implementation of SAP S/4 Hana Finance
  • Big Data & Analysis (TM1 Cognos) Business Intelligence
  • Digital Costing with cost reductions using digital tools and solutions
  • Digital Partnerships using Micro Testbeds for new business models
  • KPI Benchmarking to improve profit, cash flow and working capital


For the CFO this means the following: He must always gain new insights from increasing data stacks. He must be able to meet the demand of all stakeholders by always having the right information accessible at the right time. Suitable information and timing are crucial in order to make sensible decisions for the company.